Artist: Pranab Basak | Work: Encircled smile | Accesit category  Smile ASISAPhoto 2019



Free choice

test your creativity

The most open and creative category, where the narrative is essential beyond the technical quality always present. Participate with collections of 5 to 7 photographs that make up a series or collection. Don’t attend to any specific topic, tell your own story.

Artist: Daniel Cañizares | Work: Suffocation | Prize of honour category Free Choice ASISAPhoto 2019


Infancy and/or Maternity

the ASISAFoto’s cutest sight

This category has won several times the Honor Prize, given the quality and depth of the works presented. Infancy and/or Maternity collections bring tenderness, love and humanity to the contest. Participate!

Artist: Alexander Romanov |  Prize of honour category Infancy and/or Maternity ASISAPhoto 2019



Meet the most natural and wild side of ASISAFoto

La categoría más colorida y salvaje del concurso. Durante 10 ediciones hemos viajado por parajes increíbles y conocido a criaturas inolvidables gracias a las obras de naturaleza de los aspirantes.

Artist: Valtteri Mulkahainen | Work: Finnish Bears | Prize of honour category nature ASISAPhoto 2019



Their companionship is not the only thing they give us, also great photos!

Loyal friends, excellent company. This category premiered in the tenth edition brings us closer to the most faithful of the house with photos that are almost always fun. Participate with pictures of pets.

Artist: Alice Van Kempen | Work: Furbex | Prize of honour category pets ASISAPhoto 2019



the most joyful collection of the contest

It began as a minor issue, and has become one of the major categories of the contest. ASISA Dental sponsors this award that every year tells us hundreds of stories with one element in common: the smile. Tell us yours, smile!

Artist: Sanghamitra Sarkar | Work: Smiling God |Prize of honour category smiles ASISAPhoto 2019



take us to the places that impressed you the most

NEW THEME! This year we premiere a section for the most travelers. Try to capture the essence of travel. Take us to those places that fascinated you, and dazzle the jury with your work.

Artist: Antonio Aragón Renuncio | Work: The last tribe |Prize of honour category travel ASISAPhoto 2019