Autor: Oscar Manso Navas | Obra: Sirenas | FIAP Medalla de Oro

Autor: Joxe Inazio Garmendia | Obra: Going for water in a sandstorm-Chad | FAF Honourable Mention


Participation is open to all amateur and professional photographers regardless of their nationality.


The competition will consist of six sections:

A – FREE, MONOCHROME SERIES (series or collection between 5 and 7 photographs).

B – FREE, COLOUR SERIES (series or collection between 5 and 7 photographs)

C – Sports (monochrome or colour)

D –Nature (colour)

E – Smiles (colour)

F – Travel (monochrome or colour)


A maximum of 4 photographs may be submitted in each of these last four themes. The technique is completely free. The same photograph may not be submitted in each theme, nor photographs submitted in previous editions. In sections A and B it is essential to establish the order in which they must be presented to the jury, numbering them.

The works of authors who do not fulfil all the conditions of participation and/or have not paid the entry fees will not be evaluated by the Jury.


F.I.A.P. DEFINITION OF BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY (MONOCHROME) A black and white work, going from light grey (white) to very dark grey (black), is a monochrome work with different shades of grey. A black and white work that has been entirely converted to a single colour shall be considered a monochrome work and may be included in the black and white category; this work may be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a Salon under FIAP Patronage. On the other hand, a black and white work modified by a partial shift or with the addition of a colour becomes a colour work (polychrome) and must be included in the colour category; this work must be reproduced in colour in the catalogue of a FIAP-sponsored Salon.

Only digital files will be accepted.

Images must be in JPG format, with a maximum size of 3000px horizontally and no more than 2000px vertically, with a resolution of 300 p.p.p., not exceeding 2 MB. The recommended colour space is sRBG.

The authors of the winning photographs must send the organisation within the first ten days after the publication of the results, the files corresponding to their works at a resolution of 300 dpi and larger side 60cm in Adobe RGB colour space for the production of the possible subsequent ITINERANTE exhibition and will remain the property of the organisation for its photo library. The organisation reserves the right to reproduce them freely for catalogues, posters, press, reports, etc., without any profit motive and always quoting the name of the author. Only those participants who previously send these files in due time and form will be eligible for the prizes. Otherwise, the prize will be passed on to the next classified.

The contestants certify the authorship of their works and are fully responsible for the absence of third party rights, as well as for any claim for image rights, of the works submitted.



Only through the website of the competition:

The image files will be identified only with the title of the work.



The participation fee will be 35 €, regardless of the number of photographs submitted, and will only be paid by PayPal.



Prize of Honour 1.000 €, FIAP Blue Pin to the author of the Salon with the highest number of accepted works.

Prize of Honour Monochrome Series, FIAP Gold Medal and 6,000 €, to the author of the Salon who wins with his or her colour series in this section.

Prize of Honour Colour Series, FIAP Gold Medal and 6,000 €, to the author of the Salon who manages to win with his monochrome series in this section.

Prize of Honour, FIAP Gold Medal and 2,000 € to the best sports-themed photo.

Prize of Honour, FIAP Gold Medal and 2,000 € for the best photo on the theme of nature.

Prize of Honour, FIAP Gold Medal and 2,000 € for the best photo on the theme of smiles.

Prize of Honour, FIAP Gold Medal and 2,000 € for the best photo on the theme of travel.


For each of the sections A, B, C, D, E and F

CEF Silver Medal

FAF Bronze Medal

2 FIAP Honourable Mentions

2 CEF Honourable Mentions

2 FAF Honourable Mentions

The prize money will be subject to the tax legislation in force, with the legally established deductions being applied.



The Jury will be made up of prestigious national and international photographers, whose decision will be final. The decision will be made in person.

Josep María Ribas i Prous

Victoria Abón

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

Raimon Moreno

Emilio Morenatti

Raul Cañibano Ercilla

Jose Benito Ruiz

Juan Manuel Diaz Burgos


Manuel Viola Figueras



Each author will be notified of the results by email, and the winning and runner-up photographs for each theme will also be published on the competition website.



A PDF catalogue will be published with the winning entries and will be sent by email to all participants.



– Deadline for entries: 24 November

– Jury’s decision: 25, 26 and 27 November

– Notification of the decision: 20 December

– Mailing of prizes and catalogues: 15 March 2023



Participation in this competition implies acceptance of each and every one of the competition rules and the final decision of the jury. Any case not foreseen in these rules will be resolved by the Organisation.





By the mere fact of submitting his/her images or files to a show under FIAP Sponsorship, the participant accepts without exception and without objection that the images submitted may be investigated by FIAP to establish whether they comply with FIAP regulations and definitions, even if the participant is not a member of FIAP; FIAP will use any means at its disposal for this undertaking; and any refusal to co-operate with FIAP or any refusal to submit to the original files, capture by camera, or lack of sufficient evidence, will be sanctioned by FIAP and that in case of sanctions following non-compliance with FIAP regulations, the name of the participant will be disclosed in any form useful for reporting breaches of the rules. It is recommended to leave the EXIF data in the submitted files intact in order to facilitate eventual investigations.







Address: C/. Corregidor Nicolás Isidro,16 – 29007. MÁLAGA



Tl contact: +34952045009                                                       

payment of prizes

payment of prizes

Cash prizes obtained by residents in national territory will be classified as capital gains for the purposes of Personal Income Tax and the full amount of the prize will be subject to the corresponding withholding according to the applicable legislation on the aforementioned tax at the time of payment.

Given the international nature of the competition, for cash prizes obtained by NON-residents in national territory, the provisions of the Double Taxation Agreements signed between Spain and the country of residence of the prize-winner will be applied, if such an agreement exists and express mention is made of the income obtained in this respect. Otherwise, the regulations established in the Non-Resident Income Tax of the country organising the competition (Spain) would apply. Currently, the current withholding for this concept and this tax (IRNR) is 24%, which the ASISA Foundation must pay to the Spanish Tax Authorities on behalf of the prize-winner. This percentage may vary if there are legislative changes, and the percentage in force at the time of payment will be applied to the full amount of the prize.


  1. Identification details of the winner.
  2. Identity document from the country of residence and/or passport.
  3. Tax residence certificate (necessary for NON-residents in national territory).
  4. IBAN/SWIFT of the bank account where the prize is to be paid.
  5. Certificate or proof of ownership of the bank account into which the payment is to be made.
  6. In the event of attendance in person at the prize-giving ceremony, a nominative cheque may be presented for the net amount of the prize received (the full amount mentioned in sections A to E of these rules minus the applicable tax withholding).
  7. The digital file(s) of the winning image(s) in the required size and resolution (60cm longest side and 300 dpi) must be sent within 10 days of the publication of the results in accordance with point 1 of the rules.

The deadline for the delivery of the aforementioned documentation will be 10 days from the communication of the awarded prize or selected work.

All the necessary documentation must be submitted in Spanish or English, the only two languages accepted.

Once the money transfer has been received in the winner’s account, the winner will return the receipt attached to the notification of the winner’s condition to the organisation.

In the event that all the aforementioned documentation is not provided within the period established for this purpose, the prize will be deemed to have been awarded without the possibility of any claim whatsoever against the ASISA Foundation.