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All professional and amateur photographers can take part in the contest regardless of their nationality.


The contest is made up of six sectionss:

AFREE, MONOCHROME SERIES (series or collection of between 5 and 7 photographs)

BFREE, COLOUR SERIES (series or collection of between 5 and 7 photographs)

C – Portrait (monochrome or colour)

DLandscape (colour)

ESmiles (colour)

F – Animal Wildlife (monochrome or colour)

A maximum of 4 photographs may be submitted in each of these last four themes. The technique will be totally free. The same photograph may not be submitted in each theme, nor photographs submitted in previous editions. In sections A and B it is essential to establish the order in which they must be exhibited to the jury, numbering them. 

In any section, images made using artificial intelligence will not be accepted and may be disqualified by the jury, even after the jury’s decision.

The works of authors who do not meet all the conditions of participation and/or have not paid the registration fees will not be evaluated by the Jury. Photographers who do not comply with all the contest rules and/or who do not pay the entry fees shall not be entitled to have their work evaluated by the Jury.


A black and white image, going from light grey (white) to very dark grey (black), is a monochrome image with different shades of grey. A black and white image toned entirely in a single colour shall be considered to be a monochrome image, which can be entered into the black and white category; this work might be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a photographic Salon that is under FIAP Patronage. On the other hand, a black and white image modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour, becomes a colour image (polychrome), which must be entered in the colour category; this work must be reproduced in colour in the catalogue of a photographic Salon that is under FIAP Patronage.

Only digital files shall be accepted.

The images shall be submitted in JPG format, the maximum size shall be 3000px horizontally and no more than 2000px vertically, with a resolution of 300 ppi and no more than 2 MB. The sRBG colour space is recommended.

The authors of the winning photographs must send the organization the corresponding files containing their work using an image resolution of 300 ppi and side greater than 60cm within ten days after the results are publicised for the production of the subsequent TRAVELLING exhibition and they shall be kept by the organization for its photographic collection. It shall be entitled to reproduce them freely for (catalogues, posters, the press, articles, etc.), non-profit purposes, and it shall always quote the name of the photographer.

Participants shall certify the authorship of their work and they shall be held completely responsible for the non-existence of third-party rights and for any image right claims made for the work that is entered in the contest.


Only through the Contest website:

The image files shall only be identified with the title of the work.


The entry fee shall be €35, regardless of the number of photographs submitted and payments can only be made by PayPal.


Honorary Award €1,000, FIAP Blue Badge to the photographer of the Salon who has the highest number of photographs accepted.

Monochrome Series Honorary Award, FIAP Gold Medal and €6,000, the photographer of the Salon whose monochrome series wins this section of the contest.

Colour Series Honorary Award, FIAP Gold Medal and €6,000, to the photographer of the Salon whose colour series wins this section of the contest.

Honorary Award, FIAP Gold Medal and €2,000for the best portrait theme photograph.

Honorary Award, FIAP Gold Medal and €2,000 for the best landscape theme photograph.

Honorary Award, FIAP Gold Medal and €2,000 for the best smiles theme photograph.

Honorary Award, FIAP Gold Medal and €2,000 for the best animal wildlife theme photograph.

Para cada una de las secciones A, B, C, D, E y F

For each one of the sections A, B, C, D, E and F

CEF Silver Medal

FAF Bronze Medal

2 FIAP Honourable Mentions

2 CEF Honourable Mentions

2 FAF Honourable Mentions

The prize money shall be subject to the existing tax law and the legally established withholding taxes shall be applied.

5 – JURY

The jury shall be made up of well-known National and International photographers, whose decision shall be final and not be subject to appeal. The decision of the contest will be in person.

Josep María Ribas i Prous

Isabel Muñoz

Jesús M.García Flores

Ana Palacios

Marina Cano

Publio López Mondejar

Chema Conesa

SALON CHAIRMAN – Manuel Viola Figueras


All the photographers who enter the contest shall be sent an email containing the information about the results and the winning photographs and the runners-up of each theme shall be publicised in the website of the contest.


A catalogue in PDF shall be published with the award-winning photographs of all the participants.


– Admission deadline: November 20th 2023.
– Jury’s decision: November 24th, 25th and 26th 2023.
– Notification of the awards: January 10, 2024
– Mailing of awards and catalogs: March 10th, 2024.


Anyone who takes part in this contest is assumed to have accepted all and each of the contest rules and the final decision of the jury, which shall not be subject to appeal. Any matter that is not provided for in these rules shall be decided upon by the Organization.




When participants submit images or files to a Salon that is under the patronage of the FIAP, they are assumed to unconditionally accept the fact that the images submitted might be analysed by the FIAP to determine whether they do indeed comply with the FIAP regulations and definitions, even if the participant in question is not a member of the FIAP; the FIAP shall use any means that it has available for this company; and any refusal to cooperate with the FIAP or refusal to submit the original files, image captured by the camera or the lack of enough evidence, shall be penalized by the FIAP and if penalties are imposed as a result of not complying with the FIAP regulations, the name of the participant shall be disclosed in whatever way is deemed useful to provide information about the breach of the rules. The EXIF data should be left intact in the files submitted to help with any possible investigation work that might have to be carried out.

Adress: C/. Corregidor Nicolás Isidro,16 – 29007. MÁLAGA
Phone: +34952045009.

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