Artist: Alain Schroeder | Work: Saving Orangutans | FIAP Silver Medal 2020

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BEST AUTHOR:  Javier Arcenillas (SPAIN). Title of the work: Súper Héroes

Free Choice

FIAP Gold Medal: Olmo Calvo Rodriguez (Spain) to the collection Rohingyas, escapando del genocidio.

FIAP Silver Medal: Alain Schroeder (Belgium) to the collection Saving Orangutans.

FIAP Bronze Medal: Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia) to the collection Soul is freedom love is harmony.

CEF Gold Medal: Rosi Pardal Aragunde (Spain) to the collection Habitación nºL.

CEF Silver Medal: Leonid Goldin (Israel) untitled collection.

CEF Bronze Medal: Snezhana von Büdingen (Germany) to the collection Meeting Sofie.

FAF Gold Medal: Gabriel Tizón Vázquez (Spain) to the collection Buscadores de agua.

FAF Silver Medal: Hernando Virgilio (Spain) untitled collection.

FAF Bronze Medal: Piotr Zwarycz (Poland) to the collection Garbage in the cloud – Thick smoke, countless toxic substances that more human casualties than the flames themselves – deadly clouds that arise from fires at sorting plants, landfills and vehicle recycling points.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Víctor Ortega (Spain) to the collection Entre flamencos.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Huaifeng Li (China) to the collection Life in caves.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Katy Gómez Catalina (Spain) to the collection Trashumancia.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Manuel Enrique González Carmona (Spain) to the collection Supervivientes.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Kevin Krautgartner (Germany) to the collection Traces Of Water.

FIAP Honorable Mention: María Candelaria Rivera Gadea (Nicaragua) to the collection Amor de Campo.

CEF Honorable Mention: Zhonghua Yang (China) to the collection Family In The Caves.

CEF Honorable Mention: Manuel Angel Llaguno Mazas (Spain) to the collection Hijos de faquires.

CEF Honorable Mention: Eugen Negrea (Romania) to the collection Dieta.

CEF Honorable Mention: Oscar Amorós (Spain) to the collection BLUE SEA: analogía en tiempos de pandemia.

CEF Honorable Mention: José Antonio Grueso Perogil (Spain) to the collection Tras El Cristal.

CEF Honorable Mention: Eva Oriol Hernandez (Spain) to the collection En el espejo. Autorretratos.

FAF Honorable Mention: Antonio Fernandez (Spain) to the collection Cantos del aire.

FAF Honorable Mention: Tuan Nguyen Tan (Vietnam) to the collection Harvest water lilies.

FAF Honorable Mention: Isabel Blanco Permuy (Spain)  to the collection Lavapies confinado.

FAF Honorable Mention: Luciana Petti (Italy) to the collection Graffi.

FAF Honorable Mention: Andrés Indurain Gutiérrez (Spain) to the collection Sonidos.