Artist: Mahmood Aljabri | Work: Wahiba Sand | FIAP Honorable Mention 2020

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BEST AUTHOR:  Javier Arcenillas (SPAIN). Title of the work: Súper Héroes


Honor Award, FIAP Gold Medal: Sharwar Hussain Apo (Bangladesh) to the work 02. Last Wave.

FIAP Silver Medal: Jerónimo Álvarez Fernández (Spain) to the work Cuidado Con Los Ovnis.

FIAP Bronze Medal: Layna Fernández (Spain) to the work Batallando 01.

CEF Gold Medal: Neeraj Sharma (India) to the work Mothergoddess River Of Aspiration 03.

CEF Silver Medal: Daniel Arranz Molinero (Spain) to the work La Joven De Vermeer.

CEF Bronze Medal: Oskar Gaskon Marañon (Spain) to the work Historias de la estación.

FAF Gold Medal: Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia) to the work North Patrol.

FAF Silver Medal: Jordi Cohen Colldeforns (Spain) to the work Christian Ortodox.

FAF Bronze Medal: Alok Avinash (India) to the work Companion.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Barun Rajgaria (India) to the work Misty Morning At Taj Mahal.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Arancha Benedí Mas (Spain) to the work Desde Mi Vagon.

FIAP Mención de Honor: Mahmood Aljabri (Omán) a la obra Wahiba Sand.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Les Sharp (Australia) to the work Walking Through The Forrest.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Katy Gómez Catalina (Spain) to the work Alma De Baobad.

FIAP Honorable Mention: José Antonio Ballesteros Martín (Spain) to the work El Viaje.

CEF Honorable Mention: Leonid Goldin (Israel) to the work In A Month Of Sundays.

CEF Honorable Mention: Aly Song (China) to the work Starlight.

CEF Honorable Mention: Lothar Nöth (Germany) to the work To Go Home.

CEF Honorable Mention: Hoang Long Ly (Vietnam) to the work Bamboo Basket Seller.

CEF Honorable Mention: Jianhua Chen (China) to the work Horse Racing.

CEF Honorable Mention: Hansa Tangmanpoowadol (Thailand) to the work Magic Moment.

FAF Honorable Mention: Dikye Ariani (Indonesia) to the work The Lights Of Life.

FAF Honorable Mention: Joaquín Salinas D`Anglada (Spain) to the work Resplandor En La Bahía.

FAF Honorable Mention: Magdalena Mosler (Spain) to the work Nos Vamos De Viaje.

FAF Honorable Mention: Marcel Van Balken (Holland) to the work Downstream.

FAF Honorable Mention: Miguel Angel Zapata Lopez (Spain) to the work Hong Kong Infinito.

FAF Honorable Mention: Gerdie Hutomo (Indonesia) to the work The Colorful Doors.