Artist: Alok Avinash | Work: Joyous | FAF Honorable Mention 2020

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BEST AUTHOR:  Javier Arcenillas (SPAIN). Title of the work: Súper Héroes


Honor Award, FIAP Gold Medal: Zhonghua yang (China) to the work Share.

FIAP Silver Medal: Shijie feng (China) to the work Smile.

FIAP Bronze Medal: José Miguel Cerezo Sáez (Spain) to the work Debla.

CEF Bronze Medal: Antoni Mañosas Bassa (Spain) to the work Ayúdame.

CEF Silver Medal: Viet Van Tran (Vietnam) to the work Relaxing.

CEF Bronze Medal: Yong Miao (China) to the work Whisper.

FAF Gold Medal: Xavier Ferrer Chust (Spain) to the work Sonrisa Albina.

FAF Silver Medal: Zhonghua Yang (China) to the work Harvest.

FAF Bronze Medal: Alexandr Romanov (Russia) to the work Jumping Joy.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Alberto Pla Monfort (Spain) to the work Sonrisa En La Romana.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Dikye Ariani (Indonesia) to the work Under The Rain.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Arun Mohanraj (United Kingdom) to the work Easy.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Mauro Agnesoni (Italy) to the work Smiles Of Victory 2.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Barun Rajgaria (India) to the work Smile Please.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Alberto Pla Monfort (Spain) to the work Sonrisa en Guatemala.

CEF Honorable Mention: Daniel Font Vila (Spain) to the work Jove Carboner.

CEF Honorable Mention: Abhijit Banerjee (India) to the work Playing With Smile 1.

CEF Honorable Mention: José Díez de los Ríos López (Spain) to the work Alegria.

CEF Honorable Mention: Ahmed Mohamed Hassan (Qatar) to the work Life.

CEF Honorable Mention: Santi Viladrich Pujol (Spain) to the work Tarde De Playa.

CEF Honorable Mention: Oskar Gaskon Marañón (Spain) to the work Sonrisa Animal.

FAF Honorable Mention: Buddy Gadiano (United Arab Emirates) to the work Joyous Moment.

FAF Honorable Mention: Somenath Mukhopadhyay (India), to the work Teeth Out.

FAF Honorable Mention: Yong Miao (China) to the work Smile lunch.

FAF Honorable Mention: Jordi Cassú (Spain) to the work Smile 2.

FAF Honorable Mention: Alok Avinash (India) to the work Joyous.

FAF Honorable Mention: Gerdie Hutomo (Indonesia) to the work Comparing Catch Of The Day.