Artist: Yuejian Hu | Work: The moment | FAF Honorable Mention 2020

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BEST AUTHOR:  Javier Arcenillas (SPAIN). Title of the work: Súper Héroes

Infancy and/or Maternity

Honor Award, FIAP Gold Medal: Javier Pedro Fernandez Ferreras (Spain) to the work Niños Mundari-1.

FIAP Silver Medal: Javier Corso (Spain) to the work Chamanculo (Maputo).

FIAP Bronze Medal: Marta Gonzalez Gómez (Spain) to the work Disturbing Girl.

CEF Gold Medal: Andreu Noguero Cazorla (Spain) to the work Mater 04.

CEF Silver Medal: Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia) to the work Poems For Sisters.

CEF Bronze Medal: Andi Abdul Halil (United Arab Emirates) to the work A Love.

FAF Gold Medal: Juan Carlos Álamo Álamo (Spain) to the work Diario de juegos_3.

FAF Silver Medal: Huaifeng Li (China) to the work Drink.

FAF Bronze Medal: Barun Rajgaria (India) to the work Fun Play.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Somenath Mukhopadhyay (India) to the work Green Unlimited.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia (Spain) to the work Rohingya mother and her child under the rain.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Xavier Ferrer Chust (Spain) to the work Niños peruano con borrico.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Jorge Pérez Fresquet (Spain) to the work A la sombra del columpio.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Gerdie Hutomo (Indonesia), to the work Learning Traditional Culture.

FIAP Honorable Mention: Oscar Carrasco Ragel (Spain) to the work Emma y Pi.

CEF Honorable Mention: Snezhana Von Büdingen (Germany) to the work New haircut.

CEF Honorable Mention: Javier Arcenillas (Spain) to the work Guatemala.

CEF Honorable Mention: Gerdie Hutomo (Indonesia) to the work Life of Farm Boys.

CEF Honorable Mention: Esther Epstein (Israel) to the work a Red bicycle.

CEF Honorable Mention: Leonid Goldin (Israel) to the work Chanel.

CEF Honorable Mention: Istvan Kerekes (Hungary) to the work Together.

FAF Honorable Mention: Carton Rudi (Belgium) to the work Goatherds.

FAF Honorable Mention: Marcel Van Balken (Holland), to the work Cottoncandy.

FAF Honorable Mention: Hansa Tangmanpoowadol (Thailand), to the work With My Dreams.

FAF Honorable Mention: Istvan Kerekes (Hungary), to the work Home.

FAF Honorable Mention: Yuejian Hu (China) to the work The Moment.

FAF Honorable Mention: Soon Tak, Lam (Malaysia) to the work The Charity School for Poverty Children.